January 7, 2019

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Slimmer by Light vs. Liposuction

January 4, 2018


Slimmer by Light and Liposuction are completely different fat reduction methods. Let's discuss the differences, pros and cons of each.


Slimmer by Light is a fat reduction and weight loss method. It uses 2 wave lengths of LED light to melt away the fat. Once the light penetrates the cell, it becomes porous allowing it to empty and shrink in size. This results in inches lost and weight loss. Generally, the process requires several treatments, each approx. 30 minutes in length. The treatments are completely painless and are actually rather enjoyable since the lights are slightly warm. The fat cells remain completely healthy, just empty and shrunk down in size. The contents of the cells are eliminated through the lymphatic system and metabolized by the liver. Slimmer by Light can treat up to 5 areas of the body at each treatment: arms, thighs, abdomen, hips, and face.


Liposuction is fat reduction via surgery. The procedure is performed using general or local anesthesia while a plastic surgeon sucks the fat through a tube that is inserted into one of the fatty areas being treated. The incision is then closed and a another incision is made to treat the rest of the area or another area. The process takes anywhere from 2-6 hours and is extremely painful. The pain and bruising can last up to 6 weeks post surgery. Once the fat cells are eliminated from the body they are gone forever. If that person gains weight from an unhealthy lifestyle or health changes later in life they cannot gain fat back in those cells because they are gone. This results in an unbalanced appearance as fat collects in the fat cells that remain, which is normally odd areas of the body (like the neck or knees). Liposuction can be applied to multiple areas of the body where fat is abundant. Generally plastic surgeons will charge a fee per area.


The risks for Liposuction are considerable: deep vein thrombosis, organ perforation, bleeding, infection, even death.


Slimmer by Light has very few contraindications; it cannot be performed on a pregnant or breastfeeding patient or someone who has a pacemaker.



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